Wagga Wedding Centre

Thank you for considering Wagga City Golf and Wagga Wedding Centre. In the below downloads you will find information to assist you in planning  your wedding with us.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Location in Wagga


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Wagga City Golf and Wedding Centre offers the best overall experience of any Wagga Wedding reception area in the Riverina.

The Wagga Wedding Centre hosts approximately 30 weddings each year with 1/2 of them utilising the Lake area for Wagga Wedding Ceremony’s. The lake area is convenient and only a short walk from the reception centre.

The centre has a dedicated staff member to guide you every step of the way because were guessing you might be new to this type of thing. We understand you may have a thousand and one questions about your wedding and were here to help answer any question big or small. we only have a few conditions below so please read them and see if we’re going to be a good match for each other.


A minimum booking of 80 adults is required in order to hire the Function Room with a flat rate room hire of $350 non refundable. If your booking does not reach this minimum, please speak with the Functions Manager.


Clients are welcome to attend the Club the day before your reception to set-up and decorate. If you find that you require more (or less) furniture please ask one of our friendly staff for assistance. Please note that sticky tape and tacks etc are not permitted however blue tack may
be used to display photos and fix decorations to walls or furniture.


Function bookings are not permitted to exceed normal trading hours. For functions held on a Saturday the bar will close at 11:55pm sharp.


A radio microphone is available for use during a private function – please see staff to collect the microphone and have this facility turned on. Please note that the microphone has a replacement cost of over $600, so please be careful with it! Do not allow young children to play with it, as the cost for any damages to this equipment will be passed on to the client.


Our staff will discuss your food and beverage requirements well in advance of your reception and have these details confirmed with the caterers and bar staff. Clients are asked to please settle their accounts on the night of the function, unless other arrangements have been made with management.


All service staff have been trained in RSA policies and are duty bound by law to ensure that no person is served to a state of intoxication – staff will refuse service to any person believed to be approaching intoxication, regardless of whether this person is part of a private function or otherwise.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Club. Guests are welcome to use our comfortable outdoor areas for this purpose.


You are free to book live entertainment such as bands or karaoke or book our experienced DJ for the night.


Please find above the ‘Function Booking Confirmation’ form for downloading. If you wish to go ahead with your function please complete this form and return it to the Club ASAP in order to confirm your booking. You will notice that there are a number of conditions of hire included on the form, please read these conditions carefully and ask the staff for clarification on any point if required.


Credit card details are required to be included on the ‘Function Booking Confirmation’ form. In the event that there is damage caused to the Club, as a direct result of the function, the repair and/or cleaning costs will be debited to this credit card. A cancellation fee of $2000 will apply in the event that the function booking is cancelled nearer than 10 days from the function booking date. This fee will be debited to the credit card.


The Wagga Wedding Centre will do our utmost to be flexible and accommodating of any special requirements such as special menus, audiovisual equipment or use of the golf course for photographs or fireworks. Please raise any special requirements that you or your guests may have early in our discussions allowing maximum time for organisation of special needs.


Please note that Wagga Wedding Centre has the exclusive rights on decorations and no outside decorations may be brought onto the premises this excludes centre pieces. please see staff for further information

Once again I thank you for your interest in holding your wedding/ reception with us and we look forward to hosting you and your guests, we will do our best to ensure that you and your family have a great time with us.

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